Hajin Kim, 16, scores a perfect 1600 on SAT

Student achiever

March 06, 2002

The student: Hajin Kim,16

School: Howard High

Special achievement: Hajin earned a 1600 on her SAT, the highest possible score. A candidate for the National Honor Society, Hajin is a member of her school's math team and captain of the tennis team. She plays violin with the school orchestra and has a black belt in tae kwon do.

What factors led to her SAT accomplishment? "I have had very, very good teachers in math," Hajin said. "They laid such a good foundation that helped me a lot. And the English - I read so many books when I was a kid. I was such a bookworm. I think that helped me a lot because it builds your vocabulary so much."

What the future holds: "I might be a lawyer. I like to discuss things ... and I enjoy learning, and if you're a lawyer, for every case you have to research new things and learn new things."

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