Dismantling of Ravens leaves fan bewildered I am...


March 03, 2002

Dismantling of Ravens leaves fan bewildered

I am completely dismayed and disenchanted with the Ravens in the beginning stages of this off-season. Defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis leaving was understandable. Money talks. Leaving Jamie Sharper unprotected -- fine. We still have Ray Lewis.

Getting rid of Shannon Sharpe -- I don't necessarily agree with it, but he only has one good year left anyway.

The problem I have is with letting Jermaine Lewis, Qadry Ismail and Sam Gash go.

I am completely bewildered by it. I understand that we are in a rebuilding phase of this championship team. I also realize that there are major issues with the salary cap. I am a mere fan and cannot even begin to understand the fundamentals of it. But I do know that salaries and contracts are negotiable and can be altered to suit the players' and team's needs.

But I assure you this: Allowing quality players to leave and mediocre, inexperienced players to stay due to salary cap reasons will only come back to hurt the Ravens.

Dawn Tormollen Bel Air

Ravens gambled, lost, but they took a shot

There is much consternation and dismay regarding the dismantling of the Ravens. What is occurring due to salary cap problems assures the creation of a non-contender next season.

Notwithstanding that, I cannot fault the Ravens' front office for loading up this past season to try for a Super Bowl repeat.

They gambled ... they lost. You've got to take the shot.

Joseph Larson Towson

Olympics were better with amateur athletes

I just couldn't get worked up about the Olympic hockey contest between Team USA and Team Canada for the gold medal.

NHL players dominated most of the hockey teams in the competition and basically assured the final showdown between the United States and Canada.

Teams having fewer professional players couldn't compete against those loaded with the best players from the NHL.

What's next? Professional boxers and wrestlers representing their countries? Just picture Mike Tyson representing the U.S. heavyweight boxing team or Hulk Hogan with the wrestling team!

I used to really enjoy the Olympics when all the participants were amateurs, not professionals. I know there were some countries back then, like the Soviet Union, that used to cheat, but it was considered even a greater accomplishment for an amateur team to beat them. Why don't we return to the true spirit of the Olympics?

I guess I can answer that question myself: big money and greed! I'd like to see the Olympics go back to the ideals for which they once stood, including downsizing the number of so-called sporting contests.

Maybe then, the judging might improve in those events that require subjective decisions. Partisanship will always be difficult to eliminate, but some of the blatant dishonesty might disappear.

Ron Parsons Glen Burnie

What has Thrift done to deserve Angelos' trust?

Is there anything more puzzling to Orioles fans than the mesmerizing hold Syd Thrift has on Peter Angelos?

What exactly has Thrift accomplished to deserve the owner's confidence? By last count, Thrift's resume includes decimating the team through a series of bonehead trades and devising a master plan for the rebuilding of the team -- of course, Thrift has refused to divulge the essence of that master plan.

Anybody ever catch one of Thrift's radio interviews? It's not hard to understand why this organization is considered the joke of baseball.

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

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