For freshness' sake Tired of crushed, stale chips...


February 20, 2002

For freshness' sake

Tired of crushed, stale chips? Betting you are, Frito Lay is putting its snacks in compact plastic canisters with screw-on lids. Cheetos, Doritos and Fritos Hoops are available in the new containers now, at a suggested retail price of $1.29 per canister. More brands are to be added to the line later this year.

Local chef feeds skiers

U.S. athletes going for the gold in Salt Lake City are being helped along by food from Maryland chef Mark Salter, one of 10 professional chefs selected to cook for the American Olympic Ski Team. Salter, master chef of the Inn at Perry Cabin, is known for his modern takes on classical cooking and an emphasis on lightness.

Judging junk food

In time for National Snack Food Month, Shape magazine has compiled a list of the nutritionally best and worst junk foods. Three Musketeers was named the best candy bar, Doritos 3D's the best chips, Hostess Twinkies the best snack cake and Mallomars the best cookies. The worst: Snickers candy bars, Chips Ahoy cookies, Lay's Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips, and Dolly's Zingers iced vanilla creme-filled snack cakes.-- Liz Atwood

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