Overhead service


Howard At Play

February 17, 2002

Some points to remember if you want an overhead serve in volleyball to be most effective (written for right-handers; lefties, do the same thing, but with opposite hands and feet):

* Stand off the backline, feet together, or right foot slightly ahead, weight on the forward foot. Face the area of the court you want to hit.

* Toss the ball up, in front of your serving arm, about 4 feet over your head. At same time, step forward on your left foot, pulling your serving arm back and leaning back.

* Strike with the meat of your hand as the ball falls, not on the rise. As you strike the ball, move your upper body forward, shifting your weight to your left leg as your hips and shoulders rotate toward the ball. After contact, let your hand freeze in the air, as the ball, full of topspin, enters play.

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