Undermining efforts to improve education I am very...


February 17, 2002

Undermining efforts to improve education

I am very confused. For the past several weeks I have been reading about the MSPAP and how the results are intended to change the way schools teach. Around the same time frame, I read about how members of our council have voted to give themselves a $7,000-a-year raise. Then, suddenly, I read an article about how $500,000 for books and supplies have been reclaimed from our campuses ("School system seizes money," Feb. 12). Why was thousands of dollars spent on testing our children so that our teachers can be better teachers if the money that will help them achieve that goal has been taken away? Children are the future of our country, and I think that as concerned citizens we should rally around our schools and help them raise the funds they need to make our children's education the best in the world.

Christina Van Valkenburgh


Gala a big success for cultural arts group

This year's Cultural Arts Foundation's Mardi Gras Gala was the best ever! Over 200 patrons of the arts and culture in Anne Arundel County enjoyed a spectacular evening, which included cocktails, dinner and dancing. New this year was both a live and silent auction which could not have taken place without the contributions of local businesses who donated everything from merchandise and gift certificates to services and airplane tickets. A special thank-you goes to Eastport's Honorary Ambassador, Jeff Holland, who served as our auctioneer, and to our corporate sponsor, Comcast.

Many people worked long and hard to make our one fund-raising event of the year a success, and these include: our President and Mardi Gras Chair Bill Kuethe; Auction Chair Barbara Daniels; Decorations Coordinator Joanne Daley Vazquez along with committee members Fran Andrews, Carol Boslet, West Burton, Carol Cicconni, Joe Collins, Pam Gentry, Louis Hartge, Carolyn Keenan, Terry Kuethe, Thea Lindauer, Katherine McBee, Genevieve McWilliams, Eleanor Niermann, Deb Peterson, Steve Ruiz, Ruth Truit, Clair Vanderbeek, Kari Vickerman and Carolyn Wisthoff. Executive Director Carol Treiber provided energetic and motivating guidance as well as a lot of elbow grease and good humor.

The Cultural Arts Foundation provides grant money and support services to over 35 nonprofit groups in the county as well as funds the Arts in Education Program in our schools. We appreciated the presence of many of the board members of these organizations as well as many important leaders in our community.

Next year's Mardi Gras Gala will take place March 1, 2003. Mark your calendars now because it's going to be even bigger and better.

Nadja Maril


The writer is communications chairwoman of the Cultural Arts Foundation of Anne Arundel County.

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