Postcard from SALT LAKE CITY

Winter Olympics

Salt Lake City 2002

February 15, 2002|By Candus Thomson

These are spuds to die for. Literally.

Funeral potatoes are as Utah as Brigham Young, who didn't invent them, but his Mormon church claims ownership.

"It started with the church and people wanting to make something to feed a lot of people after a funeral," says Fay Burnett, a manager for Utah Food Services.

According to Salt Lake Magazine, the recipe is simple. Fill a casserole dish with chopped potatoes, cream of chicken soup, onions, sour cream and butter and cover with cheddar cheese and crushed corn flakes. Then just bake.

The fat content is ... well, never mind. So if funeral potatoes don't get you coming, they'll probably get you going.

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