"Do you like horses? Then you will enjoy Riding Freedom...

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February 13, 2002

"Do you like horses? Then you will enjoy Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan. This is a book that is interesting and sad. First, Charlotte's parents ride a horse down the hill with a baby and they crash into a boulder on a stormy night. A great sacrifice happens to save the baby. To find out more, you should read the book."

-- Michael Spanos

Joppa View Elementary

"I read a book called Grizzly by Gary Paulsen. I would not recommend this book for kids younger than third-grade because it might give them nightmares, but I would recommend it for older kids because it will help them get into chapter and non-picture books.

-- Paul Jester

Elkridge Elementary

"Julius by Angela Johnson is about a girl, Maya and her grandfather who lives in Alabama and spends winters in Alaska. One day he gives Maya an Alaskan pig. Maya takes good care of him. Julius the pig makes too much noise so Maya has to teach him manners. I like this story because it tells you how to teach a pig manners."

-- Brieanna Moyd

Shady Spring Elementary

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