Exclusion of Modell again shows NFL's bias Had Art...


February 10, 2002

Exclusion of Modell again shows NFL's bias

Had Art Modell moved his team anywhere but Baltimore, he would have been canonized as a saint for leading his team to greener pastures.

I still can't figure what the NFL and commissioner Paul Tagliabue have against Baltimore, but the fans and Ravens continue to be slighted.

What price did the Colts, Raiders or Oilers have to pay when they moved? None.

Cleveland and Houston have been given teams to replace the ones they lost, and we're being treated like we stole one.

Shame on the league. It's time to belly up to bar and level the playing field so that Modell can receive the Hall of Fame honor that's due for all that he's done to make the league what it is.

J.C. Dear Middle River

Opposition to Modell in Cleveland is justified

I was disappointed by The Sun's coverage and commentary regarding Ravens owner Art Modell's exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

Modell's local connection notwithstanding, responsible journalism requires a bit more balance. Jamison Hensley was wrong and irresponsible to tie Cleveland writer Tony Grossi's opposition to Modell to some incident that may have occurred between the two.

Be clear: Any Browns fans (and there are hundreds of thousands) who were betrayed by Modell would be equally passionate about opposing Modell's enshrinement in the Hall, located in our back yard.

Sun columnist Mike Preston was no better. Not only were his facts wrong (Modell had every intention of bringing the Browns name, history and colors with him to Baltimore, until he was faced with lawsuits for breaking his lease), his claim that the move becomes less significant over time reveals a deep misunderstanding of the level of betrayal felt by Clevelanders.

Preston claimed Modell's exclusion would be an affront to the man, the game and the NFL. I'm glad at least he didn't claim it would be an affront to the fans (apparently not very prominent in his hierarchy).

The attempts to rehabilitate the image of this man is, however, an affront to the tremendously loyal and long suffering Cleveland fans. One would think that Baltimore Colts fans would understand.

Michael Lowe Washington

First induct Irsay, then let Modell in

Count me among the few Ohioans who feel Art Modell belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame - right after Robert Irsay is inducted.

David Applegett Westerville, Ohio

Private sector needs to help build new arena

The need for a new arena in Baltimore is clear. However, it is also clear that with the state's current fiscal situation, public funds can't and won't be used to fund a new Baltimore arena.

As the public sector has funded two stadiums in Baltimore, the time is right for private interests to step up and fund a new arena for Baltimore. Despite the economic downturn, the Baltimore area should have more than sufficient corporate wealth to band together, form a holding corporation to secure funding, and build a new arena downtown, at the Timonium Fairgrounds, or some other location.

As long as Baltimore has a second-rate arena, the arena will fail to serve as the economic development tool for the city that it should be. Mayor O'Malley and other public officials may facilitate the process, but the initiative to build a new arena must come from the private sector.

Bill Woodcock Columbia

Orioles should direct marketing back to Pa.

As I recall, many years ago, I used to spot cars with Pennsylvania license plates parked on the Memorial Stadium lot at Orioles games, but no D.C. or Virginia tags. I also recall that the Orioles had a ticket office/store in York, Pa., and seemed to direct their marketing to the southeastern Pennsylvania region.

Then came owner/Washington lawyer Edward Bennett Williams. The focus shifted toward the Washington area. That's what Peter Angelos inherited.

With the threat of a Washington baseball team, Angelos should redirect his marketing to that apparently forgotten southeastern Pennsylvania region.

Harry E. Bennett Jr. Baltimore

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