Matters of the heart


February 10, 2002|By Tricia Bishop | Tricia Bishop,Sun Staff

The pressure's on. You have four days to get in touch with your romantic side and pull together a valentine that radiates "I love you," or at the very least, "I like you enough to get you a valentine." Chop chop.

It goes to your head

Glamour magazine said it delivers "toe-curling pleasure." InStyle said it creates a "pleasant goose-bumps sensation." We just say it's weird -- but in a good way. "It" is the Tingler, a slightly medieval-looking 10-pronged head massager shaped something like a wire pumpkin. The idea is to have someone else fit it over your head like a jail-cell-inspired cap and swirl and swish it around to give your scalp an all-over little thrill. Available at or by calling 800-978-8765 ($20).

The scent of a man

Looking for that sensual something for your man to wear this holiday? Try Victoria's Secret -- no, really. The lingerie purveyor has launched its first men's fragrance collection called "Very Sexy for Him." The scent is citrusy with notes of lime and tangerine, and it has a cinnamon and sage undertone. The cologne sells for $33 to $48, the after shave for $35 and the body wash for $18.50.

Spell it out for him or her is a great place for better-than-average V-day gifts from the classy (love-letter kits with scented ink) to the kinky (gourmet body paint). Here are a couple of other affordable favorites:

* Monogrammed boxers -- Snuggle Muffin, Hotlips, Honeybun -- whatever the pet name, get your favorite sewn on your shortcake's shorts. These are made of a solid Turkish cotton with side pockets and a button fly, so Mr. Right could feasibly wear them out if he doesn't mind public displays of affection ($30).

* Body-talk tattoos -- Taken? Make sure the world gets the message with a well-placed "devoted soulmate" or "sentimental partner" temporary tattoo. The kit comes with more than 800 words for mixing and matching personal poems ($20).


Want the feeling of being loved -- the giddy high, the bounce in your step -- without the hassle of having a mate? Grab some liquor, or just check out Philosophy's Falling in Love topical pheromone designed to simulate the scents your subconscious picks up from people you find attractive. Place one or two drops under your nose once a day, and Philosophy says you'll feel a "sense of well-being" -- and you can still operate a car. The bottle says "for women only." Available at Nordstrom, and by calling 800-568-3151 ($60).

Celebrities help others to have a heart

A whole bunch of celebrity bigwigs -- Courteney Cox Arquette, Britney Spears and Charlize Theron among them -- have stepped out of their usual roles as wearers of designer jewelry to become actual jewelry designers for Valentine's Day, and you can buy the results. Each of the 22 participants created a platinum heart pendant sketch -- some adorned with gems, one (Marcia Gay Harden's) shaped like fish -- which were then made into the real thing to be auctioned off through Feb. 15 at Proceeds go to charities chosen by the celebrities.

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