February 06, 2002

In Danger

Follow the glimmering eyes of the panther to Bagheera's Lair, a site about endangered ani-mals at www.ckmc.com / bagheera / index.html. In the Wild, you'll find profiles of animals that are vanishing or are already extinct. You can also learn about current environmental issues under the Spotlight, such as global warming. Take action with Classroom activities that let you use your imagination to solve environmental problems.

Discover Engineering

The people who turn ideas into reality are featured at www.discoverengineering.org / eweek / default.asp. Discover Engineering is all about cool science and engineers. The Idea Center is bursting with brainstorms and invites you to post your questions or ideas. Gamers will enjoy the puzzles, scavenger hunts and engineering Jeopardy game. You can get your engineering facts straight with the FAQs.

Canadian Diversity

The Cultural Profiles Project lets you see the world through Canadian eyes at http: / / cwr.utoronto.ca / cultural / . Choose one of nearly 100 different countries, and find out why people emigrate from that country and head to Canada to start new lives. You'll have the chance to research anything from Spirituality in Albania to Arts & Literature in Zambia. Enjoy the diversity of Canada with this fact-packed site.

Kid Quest? At what time of day are dwarf crocodiles most active?

In what year was an all-ceramic engine tested in Japan?

How many distinct regions are in Chile?

Kid Quest Challenge

To complete the Kid Quest Challenge: Visit the Web sites featured in this issue, find the answers to our questions, the go to www.4kids.org/kidquest/.

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