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February 06, 2002|By THE BALTIMORE ZOO

Otters love the water ... but are equally at home on land. Some species of otter, like the Sea otter, rarely come on land. Otters' long hair is water-repellent, and their long, thin bodies and webbed paws make them excellent swimmers. Since their ears and nostrils close under water, otters hunt for food using their paws and whiskers.

what's for DINNER?

Otters eat frogs, crayfish, crabs and fish.


How do otters talk to each other?

Answer: Otters use different sounds and scents to mark their territory.

do you


Visit the river otters at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read My Little Book of River Otters by Hope Irvin Marston.


1. People hunt otters in many parts of the world for their fur.

2. The sea otter has large, round teeth for eating sea urchins and mussels, which it breaks open with rocks.

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