"If you like books about babies and how they grow on...

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January 30, 2002

"If you like books about babies and how they grow on you, then you should read Where in the World Is the Perfect Family? by Amy Hest. The book starts with Connie's father telling her that her stepmom is going to have a baby. This book was a great book because once you start reading it you can't stop. I especially liked this book because I have a dad, a stepmom and a baby sister, like in the book."

-- Megan Verner

Oakleigh Elementary

"I love to read books about animals. One of my favorites is If You Were a Kitten by Carol Watson. I like this book because I have a new kitten, and it tells how to care for your kitten."

-- Howard McMillan Jr.

Robert W. Coleman Elementary

"In Bear Child's Book of Hours by Anne Rockwell, someone says good morning and they all dress up. The brother bear and the sister bear eat breakfast. Then the brother bear helps wash dishes. The Mama bear, brother bear and sister bear go to the park. I like this book because it is an easy book to read."

-- James Koh

Northfield Elementary School

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