Radio dial

January 29, 2002

AM stations

WCAO 600 Gospel music.

WCBM 680 News, talk, information, business, sports.

WBMD 750 Religious programming.

WYRE 810 Classic country.

WBGR 860 Gospel music.

WAMD 970 Oldies rock, adult contemporary.

WOLB 1010 Talk, information, news.

WBAL 1090 News, talk, personalities, Orioles games and University of Maryland sports events.

WBIS 1190 Financial news.

WITH 1230 Religious programming.

WJFK 1300 Personality talk, weekend sports.

WJSS 1330 Gospel, religious programming.

WWLG 1360 American pop standards.

WWIN 1400 Gospel

WNAV 1430 Adult contemporary, talk, news, sports.

WNST 1570 Sports talk.

WJRO 1590 Religious.

FM Stations

WJHU 88.1 (NPR) News and information, classical and jazz music.

WEAA 88.9 Progressive jazz, gospel, urban, Caribbean.

WTMD 89.7 New adult contemporary.

WBJC 91.5 (public radio) Classical music.

WERQ 92.3 Urban contemporary.

WPOC 93.1 Modern country music.

WRBS 95.1 Christian music and talk programs.

WWIN 95.9 Urban adult contemporary.

WIYY 97.9 Album rock.

WHFS 99.1 Progressive rock.

WZBA 100.7 Adult rock.

WLIF 101.9 Light adult contemporary music.

WQSR 102.7 Oldies music.

WRNR 103.1 Progressive free-form.

WXCY 103.7 Country music.

WOCT 104.3 Classic rock.

WXYV 105.7 Urban contemporary.

WWMX 106.5 Adult contemporary

WJFK 106.7 Talk.

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