Ravens to keep Grbac? They must be joking I thought it...


January 27, 2002

Ravens to keep Grbac? They must be joking

I thought it was April Fools' Day when I read that the Ravens had picked up the option to keep quarterback Elvis Grbac. And to add insult, they talk of disbanding one of the great defenses of all time.

I just can't believe that coach Brian Billick is so blinded by a quarterback whose only unchallenged quality is his height. He can't throw, he has tunnel vision, he can't improvise and he has no apparent leadership abilities.

The Ravens need to understand that the NFL is entertainment and when an entertainer insults his audience, he loses them. But don't blame Elvis -- he would be stupid to turn down a $6 million contract.

Blame Billick and the Ravens for allowing such a ridiculous scenario to unfold.

Daniel Thompson Havre de Grace

Trash-talking Ravens got what they deserved

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I was happy to see the Pittsburgh Steelers stick it good to the Ravens last Sunday. They rightfully got what they deserved.

The Ravens used a quarterback who they should never have acquired, rather than being content with the one that got them to the Super Bowl last year.

Also, they have too many trash-talkers who can't let their actions speak louder than words, namely Shannon Sharpe and Ray Lewis.

The Ravens should learn that if you talk the talk, you must walk the walk, which explains why the Steelers will join the Cowboys and 49ers as five-time Super Bowl champs, while the Ravens will get the "goldenfoot" award to put next to their first, only and last Super Bowl trophy

Eric Glenn Baltimore

Blame Billick, Grbac for Ravens' playoff loss

When will Brian Billick learn? Ravens fans and the team do not stand behind Elvis Grbac. It is bad enough the fans do not have faith, but when the team is frustrated and does not believe in him, the game is over.

The defense has done its job. I hate to be negative, but the playoff loss to the Steelers can be blamed on the Billick/Grbac alliance.

Billick is dragging this whole team down. No one stands behind Grbac. It's time to rebuild the offensive line and admit you were wrong. It's time to get a new quarterback.

Art Modell, maybe it's time to replace Billick if his pride is getting in the way of this team going all the way.

Barb Cosgrove Perry Hall

This year, Ravens didn't belong in postseason

The sham of the NFL playoff system is starkly apparent in the appearance of the Ravens this year.

They were run out of Heinz Field last Sunday by a Steelers team that resembles their Super Bowl squads of old.

The Ravens, on the other hand, are a product of parity -- no history, suspect quality at key positions and pathetic player moves.

But Art Modell has his one and only Super Bowl trophy, and may even manage to get into the Hall of Fame.

Billick, meanwhile, will soon join the ranks of those coaches with meteoric rises to fame and an even quicker descent to anonymity.

E. David Barkley Fairfax, Va.

Billick's judgment will haunt Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers' coaches had a better game plan and their players were more athletic, tougher and disciplined than the Ravens.

The Ravens never had a chance.

Elvis Grbac proved why he has always been a loser, and the Ravens will never have an offense until Matt Cavanaugh is gone.

It was an embarrassing end to a mediocre season. Coach Brian Billick should be humbled, but he won't be. His judge of talent and on-field personnel moves will haunt this team for years to come.

Alan McAllister Severna Park

Duke isn't only top team to get favorable treatment

As a Duke alumnus and fan, I cannot totally disagree with Maryland fans who complain about Duke's basketball team, and in particular its best players such as Jason Williams, getting more than its share of the officials' calls.

Still, while I cannot claim it is fair, isn't it true in all sports at all levels that the best players and teams get more of the calls? All-star pitchers benefit from a wider strike zone, top offensive linemen can get away with more holding, and lay as much as a finger on Michael Jordan, and you get called for a foul.

In the ACC, it was North Carolina that received favorable officiating throughout the 1970s and 1980s. It was only after Duke won NCAA titles in 1991 and 1992 that the Blue Devils started getting the borderline calls.

When Duke had a losing season in 1994-'95, those calls went the other way. Finally, if Maryland can become a frequent Final Four participant, it can expect a greater share of the calls, too.

Mark Haas Timonium

O's need to field winner, not worry about D.C.

I have a short message for the Orioles regarding their concerns over the possibility of a baseball franchise moving to the Washington area: Stop whining and put a competitive team on the field.

With a winning team on the field, there'll be nothing to worry about.

Ed Doheny Bel Air

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