Downhill sledding


Howard At Play

January 27, 2002

It's the time of year for sledding, assuming it snows, of course. Some tips on how to enjoy your day safely:

* Inspect the course for hazards, such as trees, fences, rocks, utility poles, streams and other water. Don't sled on icy hills; use snow.

* Stay away from roads, parking lots and traffic.

* Make sure the hill bottom flattens for deceleration and is long enough for you to stop safely without crashing into anything.

* Choose age-appropriate hills, keep small children off steep slopes.

* Get children to wear bike helmets.

* Don't stand on a sled of any kind. And if an adult accompanies a child, put the youngster in front, with the adult straddling him or her.

SOURCE: Columbia (Mo.) Department of Parks and Recreation.

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