HP Jornada 565 could replace trusty personal planner...


January 24, 2002

HP Jornada 565 could replace trusty personal planner

It's time to throw away your old personal planner - the Hewlett Packard Jornada 565 could be its digital replacement. This handy little pocket PC offers all the benefits of other personal digital assistants, but with a 206 MHz processor, 32 MB RAM and a 16-bit reflective color display.

Such quality, of course, comes with a hefty price: $550. But the color Jornadas are the Rolls Royces of the Personal Digital Assistant world.

Preloaded with pocket versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Media Player, and Explorer, as well as an address book and calendar, it's a snap to interface with your PC and take your important data wherever you go.

After the device has been charged, its Welcome Wizard guides you through the initial setup - enabling you to establish your personal information, align your touch screen and set your time zone.

On subsequent uses, the Jornada starts up quickly, using an ambient-light sensor to automatically backlight the screen. A "Today" screen gives the date and notification of any appointments on your calendar, along with email messages and items on your To Do list.

Data can be entered several ways. You can tap out information with your stylus on a keyboard display. Or, with letter recognition, use the stylus to write directly to the screen.

As long as you're tossing out your planner, you might as well scan and file those wallet-sized photos you've been hauling around. One of the really fun features of the Jornada is the image viewer that will store digital images and display them in a slide-show format.

Information: 888-999-4747 or www.hp.com.

- Michael James

RioVolt MP3 player offers lots of shock protection

Sonicblue's RioVolt SP250 was born to rock. It's easy to use, and the sound quality is great. With eight minutes of shock protection for CD-Rs and CD-RWs and three for regular CDs, this portable CD player will be able to withstand most workout routines without missing a beat or hurting the disc inside.

After a moment to warm up, the SP250 played hours of MP3 and Windows Media files just as well as it did ordinary CDs. It also features an FM tuner, which comparable players don't have.

Other offerings are Real Jukebox and iTunes software to organize and rip collections of songs. The SP250 also has the ability for software upgrades.

The backlit display is easy to read, and programming options abound. The SP250's remote control can be used as a go-between for the player and the folding headphones or ear buds.

But the remote doesn't add much convenience, even when the player is in its carrying case, and the lengths of wire between the phones, remote and player can be annoying.

At a suggested price of $180, the SP250 is a good deal.

RioVolt's other new product, the SP90, retails for about $100, but isn't upgradeable and doesn't come with the FM tuner, remote control, software, backlit display or rechargeable batteries.

Information: 408-588-8000 or www.sonicblue.com.

-Leila Merrill/KRT

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