"I read The Bravest Cat by Laura Driscoll. In it, a cat...

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January 23, 2002

"I read The Bravest Cat by Laura Driscoll. In it, a cat named Scarlett and her kittens were in a fire. Scarlett got burned and one of her kittens got burned in the fire. The fireman took them to the animal hospital. Scarlett and her kittens got a new home."

-- Asia Hull

Our Lady of Pompeii Elementary

"Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell is a fascinating story. I like it because a girl named Karana is abandoned on an island and learns to survive by making weapons and collecting food. I would recommend this to other young girls."

-- Jenna Turco

Jacksonville Elementary

"I really like the book Animorphs: The Invasion by K.A. Applegate. The story is about five kids who have the power to morph into any animal they choose. They use their powers to save humans from evil slug aliens. It is a very exciting book because the descriptions are so realistic."

-- Brandon O'Brien

Hampton Elementary

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