Crockpot cleanup It's a great time to pull out the...


January 23, 2002

Crockpot cleanup

It's a great time to pull out the crockpot and make a hearty stew, only there's the problem of cleanup. A New York company has the answer: disposable plastic crockpot liners. Simply follow your recipe as usual, serve your meal and throw the bag away. A pack of 20 costs $7.99. Available at www.

More healthful eating

The National Diabetes Education Program has suggestions for making meals more healthful: Substitute nonfat or 1 percent milk for whole milk; use 3 egg whites and 1 yolk instead of 2 whole eggs; substitute small amounts of liquid oils for butter; and use herbs instead of salt.

Student chefs

Growing restaurant dessert sales are sweetening career opportunities for pastry chefs. As a result, the Culinary Institute of America plans to double the size of its baking and pastry programs, increasing the number of students from about 160 to 320 a year.- Liz Atwood

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