Sunday hunting ban should stay in effect Candus Thomson...


January 20, 2002

Sunday hunting ban should stay in effect

Candus Thomson gave both sides of the issue on Sunday hunting ("Limited Sunday hunting is slippery issue," Dec. 13), indicating that some states have it and others don't.

Many of my neighbors and I are against Sunday hunting in Maryland simply because this is our day to utilize the woods. It's our day to hike, take our kids and grandkids out to look for wild animal tracks, and enjoy the outdoors. It's our day to ride our bikes and play catch with our kids.

House Speaker Casper Taylor is way off base in his backing of a Sunday hunting bill. He just doesn't get it and should take note of hunter Steve Palmer's comment: "If you're not good enough to shoot something in six days, what makes you think a seventh day is going to help you?"


David Boyd White Hall

Why raise race issue in column on M. Lewis?

Once again Mike Preston raises the "discrimination" issue in one of his biased columns ("As M. Lewis still waits, NFL runs out of excuses," Jan. 11).

If the Ravens' Marvin Lewis isn't selected for an NFL head-coaching position, does it have to be because of race, as Preston alleges, or could it be that Lewis just isn't impressive during interviews or maybe doesn't have the skills necessary to be a head coach?

Preston states that 60 percent of the NFL players are black and implies that, because of that figure, more black coaches should be hired.

Well, Mr. Preston, consider this: Since 95 percent of the paying fans at the stadium are white, shouldn't there be more white players on the field than 40 percent?

Mike Schmidt Stewartstown, Pa.

Ravens fans, take note: Redskins are not losers

I would like to address several errors and false statements recently made in several letters written by loyal Ravens fans. They state that the Redskins are an inferior organization, a bunch of losers and inferior to the Ravens on and off the field. Let's set the record straight.

The last time I checked, the Redskins were one of the most valuable sports organizations on earth. In particular, they led the NFL in total revenue last year and have had sellouts for over 40 years.

If you check the record book, we have multiple NFC championship and Super Bowl trophies. We also have many players and coaches in the Hall of Fame.

While I applaud the passion with which Ravens fans support their team, to characterize the Redskins as losers and an inferior organization is not correct. I trust this is from a lack of the true facts and not ignorance.

John P. Nolan Odenton

Stand-pat Orioles still being mismanaged

With all the money and resources available to Syd Thrift and all the glaring and obvious weaknesses of a perennial fourth-place finisher, it is unbelievable how the Orioles can continually stand pat.

When will the minority owners finally confront the Angeloses and hold some people accountable for the incredible mismanagement of the club?

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

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