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January 20, 2002|By Tricia Bishop | Tricia Bishop,Sun Staff

London-based hairstylist and product developer Charles Worthington has added another hat to his rack: author. The former British Hairdresser of the Year (twice) has put out the Dream Hair series of four books (all published by Carlton Books and sold for $15 apiece), which explains how to get specific styles of salon hair at home. Here's the rundown:

* City Hair -- Tricks of the trade for chic, sophisticated looks.

* Big Date Hair -- Inside tips on how to look gorgeous when it really counts.

* Vacation Hair -- Advice about how to deal with sun and sand and getting a pulled-together look while letting it all hang out.

* Big Day Hair -- Worry-free wedding and event 'dos.

Each book features lots of photos, salon secrets and a silly foursome of made-up main characters in search of their perfect 'dos. Available online at and or at Walgreen's.

Moods and moisturizers

In order to look good, you've got to feel good, and what makes you feel better than a little something new? How about a little something new with an aromatherapy edge? Physicians Formula has introduced Mood Swirls, mood-setting moisturizers that help you put your best face forward using some common scents:

* Zen (yellow): Chamomile and ylang-ylang extracts calm and ease stress.

* Globe-trotter (green): Grapefruit and lemongrass extracts invigorate with an outdoorsy scent.

* Cyber (blue): Spearmint and ginseng add a little zip.

* Seducer (pink): Gingko and orchid exude self-confidence and femininity.

Mood Swirls sell for $9 at CVS, Target and Wal-Mart.

-- T. B.

A knotty topic, all tied up

There's a lot of pressure on neckties. They're the one bit of flair a man gets to add to his suit (unless he's a handkerchief kind of guy), the only statement of individuality (unless he's a neon-purple-suit kind of guy), and an absolute necessity for the professional look (unless he's a dot-com kind of guy, in which case jeans will do).

A new book, The Little Book of Ties (Flammarion; $13), gives this hard-working slip of cloth its due through 119 pages of encyclopedic entries all about its evolution -- from the ascot to the string tie. Sections on different styles, materials, purposes and symbolism make up the bulk of the book, which also has a buyers' guide, timeline and guide to various knots.

So, this year, instead of getting your dad a tie for his birthday, you can get him a book about ties. Maybe it will change his opinion about all the unworn ones he's got hanging in his closet. -- T. B.

Going for the glow

Some makeup looks on the fall runways came straight from the '80s, particularly cheeks -- sunken in by darkly painted slashes of color. But fortunately the trend that actually took was the flushed and flesh-tone look.

Five new blushes from Bourjois capture the healthy glow in round pots of pale hues: beige pink, rose pink, peach, coral and true beige. The Pastel Joues blushes sell for $13 at select Macy's stores and online at

-- T. B.

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