Douglass-Lake Clifton rescheduled

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January 19, 2002|By Kevin Van Valkenburg

The Jan. 15 boys basketball game between No. 1 Douglass and No. 8 Lake Clifton, suspended in the third quarter after spectators twice threw objects on the court, has been scheduled to resume at 4 p.m. on Jan. 25 at Lake Clifton.

"We'll start the game right where it left off - same score, same amount of time, and the same players on the court," said Lake Clifton principal Veroncia Brown said. "But, we're not allowing spectators. Parents of players can attend after confirming it with one of the coaches, but that's all we'll allow."

Douglass led 53-41 when officials stopped the game after someone threw a can of soda on the court after a dunk by Ducks guard Tyler Smith. No police or security were present in gym, which was at full capacity, and Brown made the decision to halt the game with 36 seconds left in the third.

"We wanted to send a message," Brown said. "Kids see a lot of bad stuff on TV and we didn't want to take any chances that something could happen. This wasn't a crowd made up of mostly parents and students. We'd have been a little more comfortable with that. Most of the people there were a little bit older, in their mid-20s, and not really affiliated with either school."

Brown said school security officers will be present when the game is resumed.-

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