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January 16, 2002

Aardwolves' coats are light brown color with an orange tint and are striped with dark brown bands. Their fur is long and coarse with bushy tails and a mane or crest along their backs which stands up when frightened. They weigh 50 to 60 pounds and are 20 inches tall.

what's for DINNER?

Aardwolves eat termites and insect larvae.

do you KNOW?

What family are aardwolves a member of?

Answer: Aardwolves are a member of the hyena family and are closely related to the mongoose and meerkat.

learn MORE!

Visit the aardwolves at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read Ever Heard of an Aardwolf? by Madeline Moser.


1. Aardwolf cubs are blind at birth.

2. They may consume 200,000 termites in a single night.

3. Their name, which means earthwolf in Afrikanns, was given to them because they live underground.

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