Suneel Bhat's malaria project earns attention

Student achiever

January 16, 2002

The student: Suneel Bhat, 18

School: River Hill High

Special achievement: Bhat is a semifinalist in the 2001 Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology Competition.

What he did: Bhat worked with a mentor who cured people of malaria. He tested the blood of those infected for immune responses against the disease.

What is he most proud of: His Boy Scout Eagle Award project. He managed construction of a pavilion at Therapeutic Riding Center in Glenwood to aid in the rehabilitation of seizure-disorder patients.

What he says about it: "The project was very big. There are 300 man-hours in it."

What he does for fun: Bhat plays lacrosse at River Hill and has a black belt in martial arts.

His plans: He wants to attend college and study medicine.

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