County impact fees are not high enough It is a mistake...


January 13, 2002

County impact fees are not high enough

It is a mistake for your readers to think that impact fees only affect people moving into Anne Arundel County. The reality is that most home buyers here are either moving from rental units or smaller houses, and opt to stay in the County.

They stay here because it is not as expensive as Montgomery (yet), as seemingly fraught with crime as Prince George's (yet), or as congested as Northern Virginia (yet).

The County Council was remiss in not raising the fees more than they did. It certainly smacks of being pro-developer, and Janet Owens as well as the other Council members can bet that most of us will remember this when we vote against them during the next election.

Patricia Meinhold


Voters should resist `vote Kennedy' impulse

I have read countless articles, editorials, and heard much "opinion on the street," that leads me to believe Marylanders have made their mind up for the election of our next Governor. Much of the press seems to indicate that the election will be won because our Lieutenant Governor's maiden name is Kennedy.

How scary is it that even after an awakening like 9/11 our neighbors, friends, and family could be so complacent as to elect a person merely because of a name? There has been so much talk about being a good citizen lately, the entire country is running over with patriotism these days. Have we forgot that being an educated voter is a large part of being a good citizen?

I am a 23-year-old Anne Arundel County resident and am threatened by the "I'm Voting for the Kennedy" crowd. Hasn't anyone noticed the inadequacies in leadership by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend? Even many leaders in the Democratic Party seem "weak in the knees" with the idea of K.K.T. as the next Governor. I personally challenge each and every Marylander to delve into the specific benefits that the candidate in question has brought to this state during her service as Lieutenant Governor.

Finally, in response to the "this is all we are going to come up with" crowd, think again! This state is overflowing with talent, and true fundamental leaders. There are countless Republicans and Democrats who could run circles around the current Democratic candidate for governor.

It's time Marylanders realize that someone with "No Brain, just a name" is not good enough for this great state!

Nicholaus Kipke


Muslims should accept tighter airport security

It annoys me that American Muslims are crying religious harassment when they are subjected to various searches at airport security checkpoints ("Airlines apology sought in security search of Muslim," Jan. 8).

Muslims are not the only travelers being asked to remove clothing, shoes, belts, hats etc. My family traveled last week and all of us were told to remove our shoes and jackets. My 18-year-old cousin had to remove her belt as well, and a female security agent was called to pat her down, right there in public. My son had to remove his hat and had to toss away a bottle of water. An elderly gentleman had to dump the entire contents of his carry-on which contained toiletries, medications and highly personal items.

This didn't anger or offend any of us. We didn't particularly like it but we were more than happy to comply as none of us ever want to witness a similar incident as that of Sept. 11. We considered it as doing our small part in promoting safer air travel.

It cannot be disputed that racial profiling is unfair, unjust and offensive. Unfortunately, all of the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attack were Middle East Muslims. It would be potentially dangerous and downright stupid for security personnel in airports and other arenas to not take this into account in their attempt to keep other terrorists from gaining access to planes and buildings.

American Muslims who find this a form of harassment are incredibly self-centered and need to understand that beleaguered security personnel are concerned only with preventing terrorism; making travel safe for all of us.

Unfortunately, religious sensitivity will have to take a back seat until the threat of terrorism is not so impending. I find it ironic that Muslims feel unjustly targeted. Not one of the suspected terrorists looked like a middle-aged, white, Catholic woman, and I was asked to take off more than just my hat. This is no time to whine about these kinds of things.

Mary M. Davis


Writer defends views on education in county

As I read through Carolyn Horan's response to my letter from Dec. 9, in which I commended the Anne Arundel School Board for its support of a reading program, I must take exception to her criticism and assumption of my "lack of knowledge" on the issues. Yes, I do have first-hand knowledge on the issue of a well-rounded, well-balanced education complemented with the arts.

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