State redesigns its Web site for real estate data

Real Estate Watch

January 13, 2002

The state's Web site for researching real estate transfers has undergone a significant overhaul in an effort to provide the public with more information on Maryland house sales.

Instead of finding information on just the most recent sale, users will now be able to research deeper into the sales history of a house. The site will show the sales history of a property up to the last three transactions.

"We remain the only state in the country whereby you can search real property assessment and ownership information," said Ronald W. Wineholt, director of the state's Department of Assessments and Taxation. "That's a big benefit for businesses that need public record information to complete transactions, such as lenders, Realtors, appraisers."

The site - www.dat. - receives more than 200,000 hits a day and more than 4 million hits a month, according to Wineholt.

In addition, the site will offer other new features such as:

Identifying waterfront properties.

Number of stories a house has.

Style of house and its exterior finish.

RESI Research and Consulting, a Towson University think tank, maintains the site for the department.

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