Marsupial Sue


January 09, 2002|By John Lithgow

* Editor's note: One young kangaroo takes a journey that shows her how to like herself just the way she is.

Marsupial Sue,

A young kangaroo,

Hated the hopping that kangaroos do.

It rattled her brain,

It gave her migraine,

A backache, sideache, tummyache, too.

One morning in May

Sue wandered away,

Leaving her relatives grazing on hay.

What did she see

Way up in a tree?

Koalas, gaily at play.

And suddenly Sue was convinced she had found

A way to escape all that bouncing around.

She climbed to the top,

She heard a loud POP!

And howling in pain fell again to the ground.

Marsupial Sue,

A lesson or two:

Be happy with who you are.

Don't ever stray too far from you.

Get rid of that frown

And waltz up and down

Beneath a marsupial star.

If you're a kangaroo through and through,

Just do what kangaroos do.

With summer at hand

The weather was grand,

So Sue stole away from her kangaroo band.

Combing the shore,

She heard someone snore:

A platypus, asleep in the sand.

"How cozy!" she said,

Completely misled.

Ignoring the probable trouble ahead.

"How perfect for me!

A life by the sea!

All snug in a watery bed!"

So she flopped in the mud with a thud and a shout.

She swallowed a scallop, a shrimp and a trout.

By quarter to two,

The poor kangaroo

Had typhoid, pneumonia, colic and gout.

That autumn once more

Sue got to explore

A creature she'd never laid eyes on before.

A version of her,

In miniature --

A wallaby, with cousins galore.

Before very long,

Sue joined in the throng

Flouncing and jouncing and bouncing along.

Happy and free,

She shouted with glee:

"At last, I'm where I belong!"

Then she looked at the wallaby, sprightly and small,

Exactly like her only not quite so tall.

She widened her eyes,

And cried with surprise,

"A kangaroo's life's not so bad after all!"

Marsupial Sue,

No longer so blue:

You're happy with who you are.

You'll never stray too far from you.

You're rid of that frown

So waltz up and down

Beneath a marsupial star.

You are a kangaroo through and through,

So do what kangaroos do.

Excerpted from the book MARSUPIAL SUE. Text copyright c 2001 by John Lithgow, illustrations copyright c 2001 by Jack E. Davis. Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing. All rights reserved.

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