For Altema, an 800 on math SAT

Student achiever

January 09, 2002

The student: Regi Altema, 17

School: Oakland Mills High

Special achievement: Altema scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT.

Other achievements: He is president of his school's National Honor Society, editor of the yearbook, a Maryland Distinguished Scholar and a National Achievement Commended Scholar.

Putting his skills to good use: Altema keeps track of statistics for the school's soccer team. "I keep stats about shots, saves, goals, assists - basically everything. My math skills come into play with keeping stats," he said.

Important influence: Altema said that Oakland Mills High School Principal Marshall Peterson has been an important influence on his academic success. "At a certain point, I wanted to drop an algebra GT [Gifted and Talented] class I was taking. Mr. Peterson refused to let me. He's always been on my case about staying on top of everything. He reminded me of the importance of succeeding as an African-American male."

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