Test your knowledge of Charm City

January 08, 2002|By SUN STAFF

In the spirit of the state's effort to educate taxicab drivers, here's a pop quiz for hacks in the know. (Cabbies, if you need answers to these questions, turn in your keys.)

The great writer Edgar Allan Poe is closely associated with the City of Baltimore because:

a. He wrote - and drank - "The Cask of Amontillado" while here.

b. Richmond, Va., just isn't as interesting a place.

c. The great writer F. Scott Fitzgerald didn't stay long enough to qualify.

d. The Ravens have those cute mascots that use his name.

Where, according to the Guinness Book of Records, in the largest garbage can on Earth?

a. Staten Island

b. Tel Aviv

c. South Russell Street, Baltimore

d. Zanzibar

Baltimore's world-famous Inner Harbor is located on:

a. Chesapeake Bay

b. Atlantic Ocean

c. The C&O Canal

d. Upper Patapsco Drainage Basin

What Baltimore landmark can be seen from behind home plate at Camden Yards?

a. Washington Monument

b. Domino Sugar sign

c. Bromo Seltzer Tower

d. Tony Siragusa [See Quiz, 5e]

Obrycki's, one of Baltimore's well-known restaurants, serves up the best:

a. corned beef and cabbage

b. carryout crabs

c. Polish dogs

d. rockfish

The neighborhood of Highlandtown, or Hollandtown as the natives call it, is known for its:

a. Greek restaurants

b. tulips

c. Great Bolewicki Depression Clock

Among the greatest philanthropists and civic leaders in Baltimore history with the surname Hopkins, how many had the given name John?

a. Three

b. Two

c. None (There was one Hopkins, and his name really was Johns.)

Where did Henri Matisse visit the Cone sisters?

a. The Marlborough Apartments on Eutaw Place

b. Babe Ruth House on Emory Street

c. H.L. Mencken's house on Hollins Street

A statue at Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Street memorializes this late great jazz singer who was born Eleanora Fagan Gough in Baltimore? She is: a. Ella Fitzgerald

b. Billie Holliday

c. Diana Ross

Baltimore is the national headquarters of :

a. the NAACP

b.Catholic Relief Services

c. American Urological Association

d. all of the above

What is the proper name for a crab, and how many legs does it have?

a. Crabbalicious; as many as you can eat

b. Jimmy; 2

c. Cancer pagurus; 10, two of which have pincers

Mayor Martin O'Malley's greatest accomplishment in office so far is:

a. Significantly reducing crime statistics.

b. Putting purple lights on everything.

c. Putting a spotlight on himself.

d. Boosting his bicep measurement by 2 inches.

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