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January 06, 2002

Truth about Grbac will set Billick free

Brian Billick's leadership qualities have helped the Ravens organization immensely. These include a strong belief in what you are doing and how you do it. It's called ego.

However, true leaders admit when they are wrong and learn from their mistakes. This is a quality that Billick seems to lack, and this fault has hurt his team in a big way this year.

Not only is Billick alienating the fans by keeping Elvis Grbac at starting quarterback, he is likely losing the respect of his players, too - a potential long-term liability for him as a coach.

Billick has to face the facts: The guy he calls "my quarterback" has lost more games for the team than he's won. The only thing correct about Billick's claim here is that Grbac is his quarterback, as the guy gets a big thumbs down from the majority of fans.

Brian Billick, please just say that you were wrong, and start a different quarterback this week. The truth will set you free.

Dave Buttner Baltimore

Billick hurts Ravens with inability to adjust

It's time to give Sun columnist Mike Preston his due - he is absolutely right about the Ravens and coach Brian Billick.

Both the organization and the coach have proved that their football knowledge is questionable. Billick adds to the spectacle with his overwhelming arrogance.

It is quite obvious that he is not the offensive genius he thinks he is. For 2002, the Ravens need to get rid of Billick and offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh and bring in someone who will build an offense around the mediocre talent they possess.

The offensive line reeks and the constant influx of Minnesota Vikings rejects has made this team old and slow. Marvin Lewis has seen his goal of becoming head coach vanish with the growing ineptitude of the defense. There are so few new wrinkles to the defense that offenses have no problems finding the weaknesses.

What the Ravens lack is the ability to adapt and change their offensive and defensive game plans to fit the talent they possess. Great coaches such as Tom Landry and Don Shula discovered ways to make their teams better. Billick has shown no such ability.

After three years, the offense is still terrible, the defense grows old and slow, and the salary cap is making improvement near impossible. Next year will be worse.

Alan McAllister Severna Park

Here's one simple move to save Ravens $5 million

The Ravens need big-time help with the salary cap for next year. I have a suggestion that will save them $5 million with the same results as the Tampa Bay game as well as other games this season.

Pay me $1 million to play quarterback and say bye-bye to Elvis Grbac. I can be immobile, get hurt and throw the ball to the other team just as well as Grbac, and at the same time save the team $5 million.

What a disgrace and what an even greater embarrassment it will be if the Ravens don't let Elvis leave the building after this season.

It's time for Chris Redman to have his chance.

Andy Zinkand Baltimore

Keeping Grbac as starter is insult to Ravens fans

Is Brian Billick brain dead or is his ego so big he won't admit when he is wrong?

Billick needs to pay more attention to the performance of his football team and a little less attention to making fancy speeches.

Continuing to start Elvis Grbac every game is an insult to every Ravens fan's intelligence.

The Ravens are the defending Super Bowl champs, but with Grbac at the helm, they are going into the last game of the season trying to secure a playoff spot.

If it weren't for a couple of games in which they got a few lucky breaks in the fourth quarter, the Ravens would not even be in contention for the playoffs.

Grbac has proved to be one of the least-effective quarterbacks in the NFL this season, yet Billick keeps Randall Cunningham on the sideline and Grbac on the field.

Wake up, Billick. There is still time for a change.

Mike Wittik Bel Air

At least Dilfer gave Ravens chance to win

Where have you gone, Trent Dilfer? After watching the Ravens' performance this season, it's become painfully clear that Elvis Grbac is not the answer at quarterback. At best, his performance has been mediocre and inconsistent.

He's shown little ability to move outside the pocket and has done an extremely poor job of protecting the football.

While it can be argued that the offensive line has played poorly in front of Grbac most of the season, Grbac has made more than his share of bad decisions.

He's routinely tried to force the ball into double and triple coverage and failed to pick up linebackers in pass coverage.

You simply can't turn the ball over as much as the Ravens have this season and expect to be a playoff-caliber team.

Dilfer might not have been the best quarterback in the league, but he consistently played smart and gave the Ravens a chance to win every time out. Grbac has consistently shot himself and the Ravens in the foot this season.

Ed Doheny Bel Air

Trick plays would help Ravens' offense

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