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January 06, 2002|By Julie Klavens | Julie Klavens,Sun Staff

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, who urged balance among mind, body and spirit. Whether one recently left a bacchanalia loosely disguised as the holiday season or spent last month in monastic asceticism, January invariably gives rise to a critical self-inventory, and an ambitious checklist for the year to come. This year, we're relying on some inspired accessories to bolster our resolve and increase the likelihood of honoring our New Year's resolutions beyond, say, Jan. 18. Really, we mean it this year.


* I will respect the planet: Recycline's "Preserve" toothbrushes and tongue scrapers are made from recycled Stonyfield yogurt containers, and are recyclable -- the company provides postage-paid envelopes for their return. And, their ergonomic, dentist-designed contours make brushing a breeze. $4 each at Fresh Fields, 1330 Smith Ave., Baltimore, 410-532-6700.

* I will not kill my plants: By checking pH, moisture and light levels, Brookstone's PlantSmart garden computer does its best to put an end to crispy brown foliage indoors -- but it can't walk to the faucet and fill the watering can for you. $29 at area Brookstone stores and

* I will repay hospitality: Invite friends for nibbles and drinks, and break out these droll cocktail napkins and plates. $29 for a set of four at

* I will take my vitamins: No more excuses for vitamin C deficiency. Turn the hat of Stefano Giovannoni's clever Mandarin juice cup upside down and you have a juicer. Available in blue, yellow or orange; $38 each at

* I will have more fun: Spread the fresh, vibrant designs of late artist Keith Haring throughout the house with puzzles, mugs, calendars and, a new favorite, the orange cat mouse pad. $9.95 at

* I will find ways to relieve stress: Until you hit the lottery and can hire Sven for daily pummeling, try this shiatsu bubble mat for an impromptu foot massage. The machine-washable polyurethane mats are available in cheery green or blue. $38 at

* Need we say more? Robinwood Studios' witty night light reminds you to tend to what's really important. "Floss" night light, $32 at

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