Raising impact fees was logical, proper I want to thank...


January 06, 2002

Raising impact fees was logical, proper

I want to thank the County Council who voted unanimously to increase the Impact Fees on new construction from about $2,400 per house to about $4,000 per House. This fee will be passed on to the new owners - and well it should, because they will be benefiting by moving into the new neighborhood.

The fees have been charged in Florida with no real adverse effects for years and will only cost the new home owner about $10 per month factored in over a 30-year mortgage. When one looks at the immediate cost to the community, it seems only fair. If you bring just one new child to the present school system, we see the cost escalating to over $8,000 per child per year. But, if we have to build them a new school because of resulting overcrowding and/or their demands for a new community school, the costs soar.

It is only fair that newcomers pay their fair share of infrastructure required to service them.

John J. Miara


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