Campaigning Republicans seek lift from highly rated Giuliani

GOP hopefuls are eager for help at midterm polls


NEW YORK - Republicans want to crown former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani king of the campaign trail.

GOP candidates and party officials around the country are clamoring for Giuliani's help in this year's House and Senate midterm elections - and he is eager to oblige.

Enjoying sky-high ratings for leading the city through the terrorist attacks and wearing the mantle of Time magazine's "Person of the Year," Giuliani has emerged as the Republican Party's hottest commodity next to President Bush.

He is now being wooed to help Republicans running everywhere from California to Minnesota to Missouri to Florida, where the president's brother Jeb is involved in a tough re-election campaign for governor, associates and party leaders say.

Maria Cardona, spokeswoman for Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, said she was not worried about Giuliani's political plans, noting Democrats won in New Jersey and Virginia despite Giuliani's efforts.

By helping other candidates, Giuliani can build up political IOUs that could prove useful should he decide to run for national office someday.

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