"If you like scary stories, then I suggest you read A...

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January 02, 2002

"If you like scary stories, then I suggest you read A Night in Terror Tower by R.L. Stine. This is a story about a girl named Sue and a boy named Eddie. They never knew they were a prince and a princess until they went into Terror Tower and had a very long and scary night there. I don't want to give away the fun part, so I just think you have to read it for yourself."

-- Omeka Stern

Dallas F. Nicholas Sr. Elementary

"I like Pierre by Maurice Sendak. I really like when Pierre says, 'I don't care.' This book touches my heart because the lion ate Pierre! I want you to read this book because it will make you laugh."

-- Austin Cotingame

Charles Carroll Elementary

"I enjoyed George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This book is about a boy who is tired of his grandma's yelling at him. So, he made a new medicine for her. This was a special medicine. It had engine oil, bathroom chemicals, animal pills, antifreeze, hair remover, nail polish, shoe polish, red-hot chili sauce and anything else the boy could find. He mixed all of these things up in a stewing pot and fed some to his grandma. All sorts of things went wrong. I liked this book because it made me laugh and I enjoyed reading it."

-- Katelyn McGlynn

Lutherville Laboratory Elementary

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