Zoo zone

January 02, 2002


Flamingos have long legs and necks perfect for wading and catching fish. Their large wings make them good fliers. Their feet are webbed for swimming and for stirring up the mud to find food. In the wild, flamingos live in large flocks (groups of birds) and build their nests with mud.

what's for DINNER?

Flamingos filter water with their beaks to eat tiny algae, insects and shrimp.

do you KNOW?

How can flamingos live outside in winter?

Answer: Like many animals, flamingos adapt to their environment.

learn MORE

Visit the Lesser, Chilean, and Caribbean flamingos at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read Mrs. Fitz's Flamingos by Kevin McCloskey.


1. Flamingo chicks have fuzzy, gray feathers when they hatch. Their pink color comes fromthe food they eat.

2. Flamingos don't have knees, but ankles, which bend backward when they sit.

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