Bowl game

January 02, 2002

On paper, it looks like a mismatch.

But then, so did this entire season.

No one expected the Maryland Terrapins to win more than a few games this year, after having lost more than half their contests last season. No one pegged them to be ACC champs. But they did. And they are.

Could fortune smile once again on the Terps? A win over the Florida Gators in the Orange Bowl would be a fitting end to an outstanding season, a wonderful testament to the heart (if not the speed or raw athletic prowess) of this Maryland team.

The Gators, we hear, are faster, more athletic and part of a program that is much better financed than the Terps'. No matter. Coach Ralph Friedgen's squad has thrived all year in underdog situations. Its 10-1 record is the fruit of hard-fought struggles and some harrowing, come-from-behind wins.

Our advice to Gator fans: Fear the turtle. It will prevail.

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