Student writing contest winners announced

November 25, 2001

The winners of the fifth annual Random House Book Fair to Benefit the Carroll Community College Student Writing Contest have been announced.

Random House published the students' work in a booklet, given to them Nov. 10.

Judges for the contest were Jessica Barlow, Betty Bloomfield, Terry Fisher, Heather Goodhart, Mike Hoover, Christine Miller, Dee Muskin, Deborah Rambo, Loel Romeo, Lacy Shank, Nancy Sias and Clare Wieber, all of the Carroll County public schools.

Here are the winners and the schools they represented.

Elementary schools

First Grade Poetry: First place, Nicholas McNary, The Haunted House, Eldersburg; second place, Morgan Thomas, Stars, Piney Ridge; third place, Kelly Brown, I Like Turkeys, Carrolltowne.

First Grade Short Story: First place, Carolea Casas, Cheddar, Friendship Valley; second place, Katelyn Messina, The Lost Egg, Piney Ridge; third place, Veronique Lacroix, The Princess and the Three Little Witches, Eldersburg.

Second Grade Poetry: First place, Samantha R. Straitz, Horses, Piney Ridge; second place, Kristy Lennon, I Remember, Linton Springs; third place, Nicole Dorsey, Christmas, Freedom.

Second Grade Short Story: First place, Raleigh Cavey, Fifi's New Friend, Linton Springs; second place, Brooke Leppo, Bunny Trouble, Winfield; third place, Rebecca E. Wagman, Dancing Bunnies, Cranberry Station.

Third Grade Poetry: First place, Stephen Gilles, A Snake in Love, home-schooled; second place, Alan M. Lyons, Fear, Winfield; third place, Kevin Thornton, Mom, Sandymount.

Third Grade Short Story: First place, Megan Lin, Junior, Friendship Valley; second place, Roxanne Tracy, Unicorn Moon, Mechanicsville; third place, Cari M. King, Let's Meet Again, Elmer Wolfe.

Fourth Grade Poetry: First place, Kristina Kemp, Francis Scott Key, Linton Springs; second place, Madison Maynes, Magic, Mount Airy; third place, Christopher Waskiewicz, Treasure Hunt, Taneytown.

Fourth Grade Short Story: First place, Nicholas Johnson, Terror of the Deep, Mount Airy; second place, Jake Zamostny, The Silence of the Forest, Winfield; third place, Christina Michie, Sammi and the Magic Soccer Ball, Mount Airy.

Fifth Grade Poetry: First place, Kasey Keefer, The Flame of Life, Friendship Valley; second place, Roger Voter, Power Words, Friendship Valley; third place, Zachary Croft, Unique Frogs, Carrolltowne.

Fifth Grade Short Story: First place, Julie Wolfinger, Lost and Found, Mechanicsville; second place, Lyana Brown, The Easter Surprise, Eldersburg; third place, Kyle Ray Sparrow, The Legend of the Numchuck Ninja, Charles Carroll.

Middle schools

Sixth Grade Poetry: First place, Chris Lawrence, Childhood, Oklahoma Road; second place, David Menasche, The Mouse, East Middle; third place, Matthew Eastman, The Submarine, Oklahoma Road.

Sixth Grade Short Story: First place, Mason Clinedinst, Adventure in Wetlands, North Carroll; second place, Sarah Peloquin, Lost with the Wolves, Westminster East; third place, Lydia Hochheimer, King Arthur's Last Battle, North Carroll.

Seventh Grade Poetry: First place, Stacey Brosenne, The Mountains, Sykesville; second place, Megan Cohill, Growing-Up on the Playground, Sykesville; third place, Jen Wheeler, Moving, Sykesville.

Seventh Grade Short Story: First place, Doug Chamberlain, Saved by a Terrapin, Westminster West; second place, Emma Miller, The Dress, North Carroll; third place, Joshua Skroupa, Lego Land, Mount Airy.

Eighth Grade Poetry: First place, Meagan Herlth, Euphoria, North Carroll; second place, Shannon Leidy, Friendship, North Carroll; third place, Samantha Moore, The Beast, Mount Airy.

Eighth Grade Short Story: First place, Erin Stebbings, Guacamole Sauce, Westminster East; second place, Nick Waynick, The Big Blowout, North Carroll; third place, Heather O'Mara, Danielle's First Kiss, Westminster West.

High schools

Ninth Grade Poetry: First place, Jackie DelGiorno, The Ride, Liberty; second place, Sarah Maloy, Voices of Nature, Westminster; third place, Greg A. Reely, In My Heart, Westminster.

Ninth Grade Short Story: First place, Joshua Ryan Rutter, In An Instant, Francis Scott Key; second place, Joy D. Glass, The Night, FSK; third place, Jessica A. Castle, The Mystery of the Hidden Staircase, Community Baptist Church School.

Tenth Grade Poetry: First place, Meredith Jenkins, The Memory, South Carroll; second place, Carissa Vaughn, The Best Alone Time There Could Ever Be, FSK; third place, Shenifa Baldwin, Going On, FSK.

Tenth Grade Short Story: First place, Amy Phelps, Fly to Bluer Skies, FSK; second place, Jessie Kathleen Dixon, Chronological Fireflies, Westminster; third place, Carissa Vaughn, The Lonely One, FSK.

Eleventh Grade Poetry: First place, Bobby Peregoy, Outcast, FSK; second place, Desiree Speicher, A Rose, FSK; third place, Jennifer Waskiewicz, Kristin, FSK.

Eleventh Grade Short Story: First place, Rebekah Miller, The Quilt of Love, South Carroll; second place, Rachel King, Night Wanderer, South Carroll; third place, Bobby Peregoy, Demon's Gate, FSK.

Twelfth Grade Poetry: First place, Karen Carter, My Valentine's, South Carroll; second place, Katheryn Flynn, My Father, FSK; third place, Ryan Gregory Thompson, When Time Stops, Liberty.

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