I Love Lucy: Celebrating Fifty Years of Love and...

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November 25, 2001|By Michael Pakenham

I Love Lucy: Celebrating Fifty Years of Love and Laughter, by Elisabeth Edwards (Running Press, 287 pages, $39.95)

It was 50 years ago -- to be precise, Oct. 15, 1951 -- that the very first segment of I Love Lucy was broadcast by CBS. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz proceeded to cast the immortal mold for situation comedies. There's not one on television today that does in one way or another play off that punchy, loving classic -- which in revival reruns is still fresh and, to those who like it, deathlessly enchanting. For the golden anniversary, Elisabeth Edwards -- who manages both the late stars' estates -- has produced this extravaganza of celebratory nostalgia. The show, in various formats, originally ran only until 1960, but for its truest fans, it is running still. This book is crammed with sketches of the whole cast and support gang, anecdotes on many, many specific episodes, and more -- a sprawling scrapbook of memorabilia, including hundreds of trivia questions. For the addict, a total fix.

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