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bear market rallies are forecast

November 23, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

WHAT are America's most popular stocks?

From December's Money magazine, here are the most widely held stocks in America:

American International Group Inc., AOL Time Warner Inc., AT&T Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Citigroup Inc., Coca-Cola Co., Dell Computer Corp.' Walt Disney Co., EMC Corp. and ExxonMobil Corp.

The "most widely held" list was created by comparing lists of top mutual fund holdings, investment club picks and companies with the largest number of shares outstanding.

TURKEY HASH: "Total assets in 401(k) plans shrank last year, for the first time ever. The average balance fell to $41,919 from $46,740 in 1999." (Forbes)

"The maximum 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan contribution this year is $10,500. That figure rises to $11,000 next year, $12,000 in 2003 and $13,000 in 2004." (Bottom Line)

WALL STREET WATCH: "I don't know if Dow Jones 10,000 means much, but it's a lot better than being at 8,000." (Ned Collins, Daiwa Securities)

"I'm concerned that a big turnaround in the economy is already built into many stocks' prices. Even if things improve, many companies' earnings will be well below what they made in the past." (David Eidelman, money manager)

"People are looking into next year, and earnings are looking a lot better compared to 2001." (Brian Slater, financial adviser)

"Events on Sept. 11 pushed the economy down and recovery will be slower, but just because I don't see a rally soon doesn't mean I envision a crash." (Douglas Claggett, stock market strategist)

"It's good news that bear market rallies are the sharpest of all market phenomena, and we're in for more, very, very shortly." (Richland Report)

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