For Scot, 9, writing is sharing

Student achiever

November 21, 2001

The student: Scot Loiselle, 9

School: Ilchester Elementary School

Special achievement: One of two fourth-graders chosen to represent the school in the State of Maryland International Reading Association Young Authors' Writing Contest in December 2000. Scot entered his haiku, "Stars in the Sky": "Shining in the night/like diamonds in the black sky/far out in the night."

What he says about it: "When I was writing my haiku, I was thinking about how every night I look up at the sky and I see stars. ... I see happy things: how far away they are and how they shine and twinkle and, you know, I'd like to share that with other people."

Choosing his topics: "I write a lot of stories and all, and I like to share them with my brothers," he said. "And sometimes I write funny stories so they can laugh, and sometimes I write peaceful stories so they can settle down and just listen."

On writing: "I like [writing] because it's not something where you always have to tell the truth about it. You can make things up," he said. "The thing I like about writing is there's no limit to what you can write and what you can't write."

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