Book Reviews

Book Reviews

November 14, 2001

"I think you should read Sundiata: Lion King of Mali by David Wisniewski. It is a wonderful story that teaches valuable lessons. One is that you should never judge a person by the way that they appear physically. When Sundiata was young, he could not walk or talk, but he grew to become a great leader. The book also has astonishing and beautiful pictures and a detailed map, which shows the important things and places Sundiata finds on his adventures."

-- Elizabeth Kimble

Jeffers Hill Elementary

"My favorite book is Ming Lo Moves the Mountain by Arnold Lobel. The wise man tells a couple the mountain will move if they take down their house, bundle up the wood and walk backward with their eyes closed. When they open up their eyes, the mountain moved!"

-- Scott Showalter

Fountain Green Elementary

"My favorite book is Locked in the Library by Marc Tolon Brown. It is about Arthur and Francine and their trip to the library. Francine listens to her CD player while Arthur accidentally falls asleep. They realize they are locked in, and they start to argue about who is to blame. I enjoyed this book because I like to go to the library."

-- Tajae Danae Harris

Pine Grove Elementary

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