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November 14, 2001

Baltimore's Best

Ravens are highly intelligent birds and live in a variety of locations including mountains, valleys and coastlines. They move slowly on the ground but are quite active in the air. Often mistaken for the common crow, the raven is larger and has shaggy feathers. Ravens will live in an area for years and will use the same nest year after year to raise their chicks (babies).

what's for DINNER?

Ravens eat carrion (dead animals) along with seeds, nuts and insects.

do you KNOW?

Are all ravens black?

Answer: The color of ravens varies from black to brown, including shades of gray.

Wild Facts

1. Ravens will hide in holes or under rocks.

2. When eating, ravens will often wash their food.

3. The raven is quite aggressive when defending its nest or territory.

learn MORE

Visit the ravens at The Baltimore Zoo.

Read The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.


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