Maryland SPCA


November 11, 2001|By Sloane Brown

The tent set up on the grounds of the Maryland SPCA was filled with dogs and cats -- and all sorts of other strange and wonderful two-legged creatures. Two-legged because these were some 250 SPCA fans of the human variety, dressed in costume for the organization's second annual "Howl-O-Ween Hop."

Party co-chairs Day Bank, Victoria Valton and Linda Vinson came as Alpha Dog, Marie Antoinette (pre-guillotine), and herself, respectively. SPCA board president Randy Brinton appeared as a red Lego block, wife Hillary clicked in as his blue counterpart. Guest Nancy Cornbrooks was dressed as the ultimate villain in this gathering -- puppy enemy Cruella De Vil. Bill Nesbitt, a bank vice president in real life, was disguised as a veterinarian, while his date, real-life vet Dr. Pamela Gibbs, came as one of her feline patients. And then there were Niall MacDhubh and Miriam Robbins. He was Little Red Riding Hood. She was the wolf.

Others in this menagerie included: Jo Clifford, Steve Leaderman and Susan Netler, event committee members; Charlotte Robinson, Janet Boss, Sherry Fenwick, Mary-Ann Pinkard, Anne West and Gary Woodruff, SPCA board members; Edward Vinson, Mills Global managing director; Howdy Gaskill, Giant Food vice president; Nancy Dunham, London Litho sales representative; Cindy Larson, Federal Reserve Bank manager of training and development; Barbara Gallo, Allfirst Bank auditor; Reggie Bradshaw, O'Conor Piper & Flynn Realtor; Brooke Behnken, David Ashton and Associates graphic designer; Alan Gamse, Semmes Bowen & Semmes partner; and Joanne Galantino, Jo's Gateaux president.

Of course, the party favors followed the animal theme -- bags of Halloween candy wrapped in take-home dog bowls. Meanwhile, the SPCA took home the best treat of all -- around $58,000.

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