Marriage made at McDonogh


Beth Snow And Matt Macmullan

November 11, 2001|By Sandy Alexander | Sandy Alexander,Sun Staff

For teachers Beth Snow and Matt MacMullan, McDonogh School in Owings Mills is where they work, where they live and where they fell in love. So, on Oct. 27, the McDonogh campus was where they got married.

"We wanted it to be on campus, and we wanted to invite students," says Beth, 27, who invited her current and previous first-grade classes to watch the ceremony from the balcony of McDonogh's Tagart Memorial Chapel. She and Matt, 30, a physical-education teacher and coach, also included many of their colleagues in the event.

The wedding program was decorated with pictures drawn by Beth's students, and two young friends and former students carried her train as she walked down the aisle. One of Matt's former basketball players, David Lunn, and his sister Tameika sang at the ceremony. Afterward, the couple led a parade of cheering children and pompom-waving guests from the chapel to the outdoor reception site.

The couple first met at Casa Mia's restaurant in Towson when Beth noticed Matt and a friend wearing McDonogh clothing. Beth was familiar with the school. She grew up in Severna Park, and her parents, Ray and Christine Snow, now of Palm Beach, Fla., lived and taught at McDonogh until she was nearly 3. She started talking to the men and mentioned her interest in working at the school.

About a year later, her wish was fulfilled when McDonogh hired her after she graduated from Towson University in 1996. A friendship grew between her and Matt, who had begun teaching at McDonogh in 1993 after earning his degree at the University of Notre Dame.

"I had a huge crush on him," says Beth. They dated for a while, then broke up. But they remained friends, and when they began dating again in 1998, their romance became serious.

A year and a half later, "I proposed very poorly," says Matt. He was nervous as they drove to his parents' vacation home on the Eastern Shore. "When we got down there, ... I decided I'd better get it done or I wouldn't have any fun the entire weekend."

He proposed while they were standing on the porch. Beth was happy to say yes.

Working together has helped strengthen their relationship. They see each other only occasionally during the day, but they work with many of the same students and share friends on campus. They also share a love of teaching.

"It's in my blood," says Beth. "I love working with kids and helping them discover who they are." She also coaches the girls' varsity lacrosse team.

"The thing I love the most about her is really the way she treats other people," Matt says, explaining that Beth is kind to students as well as adults. "She just really is one of the genuinely nicest people I have ever met."

Matt wanted to coach athletics after playing football, baseball and basketball in high school in Ohio, where his father was a coach. But when McDonogh asked him to teach as well as coach varsity basketball, freshman football and middle-school baseball, he found he enjoyed the variety of working with younger children, too.

"Matt is loyal," says Beth. "In teaching you have to be loyal to your kids, ... and loyalty is important in a relationship."

She adds, "Matt is always available. Even when I am at my worst, he still loves me."

Both enjoy the outdoors, being on the water and fishing. Someday they would like to live on the Eastern Shore, where they honeymooned. But right now, McDonogh is their home.

Matt's parents, Jack and Joan MacMullan, moved from Pennsylvania to McDonogh shortly after Matt began teaching there. Jack was the school's athletic director for eight years. Beth and Matt, who both lived on campus before the wedding, will share an apartment there and continue to be part of the McDonogh community.

"McDonogh is our home, our work and we love to be here," says Beth.

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