The National Enquirer: Thirty Years of Unforgettable...

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November 11, 2001|By Michael Pakenham

The National Enquirer: Thirty Years of Unforgettable Images, with essays by Steve Coz and Jonathan Mahler (Talk Miramax books, 256 pages, $45).

Something squarely between total, dismissive contempt and shameless adulation is where most sane Americans hold The National Enquirer. It's considered mannerly, I suppose, to scorn it as despicably tabloid!!! -- but it seems to rustle off the racks in America's supermarkets, faster yet than its close cousins, which reach even further out into the mystical, mythic and mindless. If any publication has ever worked so hard to seek out and buy provocative photography, I have not a clue of what it may have been. Here is a very, very slick compendium of the most outrageous and enchanting of those pictures, elaborated by straightforward and unpretentious -- and genuinely interesting -- introduction and history by the publication's editor and a staff writer. This is the ultimate coffee-tabloid book, oozing with nostalgia, entirely decent sexiness, and -- come on, admit it! -- a good deal of absolutely superb photojournalism.

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