For those who love Laura Ingalls Wilder Countless women...

November 08, 2001|By Tricia Bishop

For those who love Laura Ingalls Wilder

Countless women over the years grew up with the childhood memories of someone else stored in their heads: those of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her books about Midwest pioneer life in the 19th century kept us company, inspired us, entertained us and gave us fodder for fantasies. And they are still cherished by girls everywhere today.

On Saturday, actress Julia Maxham will appear dressed as the author at the Hereford Branch Library and talk about Laura's life on the prairie. Free tickets are required. 11 a.m., 16940 York Road, 410-887-1919.

See how much you know about Laura with this little true/false test:

1. Laura married Alonzo Wilder.

2. At one time, Laura was the poultry editor of the St. Louis Star.

3. Little House on the Prairie was the first book in Laura's autobiographical series.

4. The television version of Little House on the Prairie ran for nine years.

5. Laura's sister Mary was born blind.

6. The snotty Nellie Oleson in the books is actually based on three different girls.

7. Laura named her daughter Lily.

8. It was Laura's daughter who encouraged her to write the Little House books.

9. Laura's first job was in a factory.

10. Laura lived to be 90.


1. False (She married Almanzo Wilder.) 2. True 3. False (Little House in the Big Woods was first.) 4. True 5. False (She lost her sight when she has a stroke at 15.) 6. True 7. False (Her daughter's name was Rose.) 8. True 9. False (she was a teacher.) 10. True

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