Woman gets 4 months for having daughter lie about police officer

November 07, 2001

A 36-year-old former Carroll County woman was sentenced yesterday to four months in prison for having her teen-age daughter falsely claim that she had been sexually touched by a distant relative who is a Baltimore police sergeant.

Toni Biggs, now living in Delaware, had her daughter, then 15 years old, practice the lie every night before they told it to police in July 1999, according to the agreed-upon statement of facts in the case.

The sergeant described heatedly before sentencing how his family and career were jeopardized by the woman's act, he said.

Carroll Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. found Biggs guilty of making a false statement to police and agreed with the sentence originally imposed by a District Court judge: a six-month term in the Carroll County Detention Center, with two months suspended.

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