Thanks to all who helped Lothian church On behalf of...


November 04, 2001

Thanks to all who helped Lothian church

On behalf of the United Black Clergy of Anne Arundel County, I would like to thank all of the wonderful citizens of Anne Arundel County and around the state that contributed to our fundraising efforts for Rapture Church of Lothian that was vandalized by unknown assailants in August of this year. Through your generous donations, they will be able to refurbish the building and restore the Food Pantry, which feeds hundreds of families each month in South County.

This travesty of racial injustice has plagued the African American Community for centuries, hiding behind masks, closed doors and in backrooms. ... The cowardice of shame knows no boundaries. As community leaders and followers of Christ, we must show our intolerance of such behavior through our deeds, not just our words.

On Sept. 22, we presented a check to the church for $10,000 at a heart-warming ceremony of about 100, which included [State] Sen. Phil Jimeno, Del. Robert Baldwin and Del. John Leopold. A special thanks to the St. James Church of the Apostolic Faith Family, gospel groups ... and all those that made this event a success. In our hearts we were blessed to do His will.

Bishop Larry Lee Thomas, Sr.

Glen Burnie

Air Force officer should appreciate FBI

I am appalled after reading the story of the Air Force Captain who was upset because the FBI came to his house after he acted "suspicious" at a car dealer ("It's a nation on edge; Air Force officer finds FBI questions man who withheld personal data from salesman," Oct. 30). The fact that he is a Captain in the Air Force (and he should have nothing to hide) should make him glad that the FBI is taking every step they can to try to prevent any reoccurrence of the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001.

I am real sorry if his feelings are hurt or his pride is damaged, but if he does not understand the severity of the situation then he needs to be sent to New York to talk to the victims or even to a familiar place like the Pentagon, see if he gets any sympathy there. As far as I am concerned, the FBI is doing a good job given the circumstance, and if they did not investigate every "suspicious" report and something happened then the public and the media would crucify them.

R. Bunting

Glen Burnie

Muslim protests aside, we must win this war

Let me see if I have this straight. The media tell us if we fight during Ramadan, the Muslim world will be enraged. If we inflict any collateral damage, the Muslim world will be enraged. If we use the wrong words in our description of our battle against terrorism, like "crusade" or "infinite," the Muslim world will be enraged. If we defend Israel, a democracy surrounded by repressive regimes who want her extinct, the Muslim world will be enraged. If we bomb too much and appear like bullies, the Muslim world will be enraged.

So, if we stop bombing, stop defending Israel, watch what we say, and stop our fight against terrorism, maybe, just maybe, the Muslim world might not be so angry with us.

Well, guess what? America is enraged that thousands of innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered on Sept. 11 by evil - yes evil - perversions of humankind. We are not finished with our funerals, and we mourn the senselessness of these despicable acts.

We cannot allow this to happen again. We simply must destroy this malignancy that is the scourge of our civilization. We have no choice. Our president has made it abundantly clear in a variety of venues that our fight is with terrorism - not Islam. So if the Muslim world is enraged, I guess they are going to have to get over it. We're pretty damned mad ourselves, and we are going to win this war.

Ron Phipps


Treat bin Laden like the criminal he is

I have read some things written in The Sun by [those] that believe we should live our lives by hiding our heads in the sand, but the letter by Steven Hild of Phoenix takes that award for all time ("Why is force only option?" Oct. 27).

He said, "If someone steals his car, he would not go to the neighborhood where he thought the person took his car and set fire to the innocent peoples' houses that live there." Our law says that if you know a person has committed a crime, turn him in or face a charge of abetting a criminal.

There are millions of "innocent" people in Afghanistan that know where Bin Laden is hiding and not one of those people is running to any police departments or anywhere else turning him in. That makes them guilty under our law of abetting a criminal.

If we catch Bin Laden, what laws are we going to try him under? Ours or theirs? ... Where and in what country would we try him in? I have yet to see someone fight fire with a set of chop sticks; you fight fire with fire. You shoot a mad dog in the street.

Bill Williams

Glen Burnie

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