Some stocks to consider in a troubled time

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November 02, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

WHAT stocks should we consider at this time?

Under the heading "Investing While America Fights Back: Key Stocks in Time of War," Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, December, suggests: Internet Security Systems, General Dynamics Corp., United Technologies Corp., American International Group Inc. and Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.

It also says, "Opportunity knocks. Because of panic selling after the terrorist attacks, these stocks are selling at bargain prices: Therapeutics Corp., Citigroup Inc., Exelon Co., MedImmune Inc., Chevron-Texaco Corp., Kroger Co. and Ticketmaster Corp.

Forbes, Nov. 12, lists these stocks under "Safe and Sound: Dull is Good": Fleming Cos. Inc., JLG Industries Inc., Pilgrim's Pride Corp., Stewart & Stevenson Services Inc. and York International Corp.

Ask your broker for reports on the above.

Abraham Gulkowitz, chief global strategist, Deutsche Bank AG, says, "These industries could prosper from the war on terrorism: Food, health care, defense, construction, security and surveillance."

TAKE YOUR CHOICE: "The Sept. 11 attack delayed the return of the bull market, but on a long-term basis, the upside potential remains. We see a `bull run' on the horizon." (The Yamamoto Forecast)

"We doubt that a significant bull market can take place, given that valuations are still quite speculative." (Korty Research)

"The market reflects the much weaker economy, but the forthcoming economic stimulus includes a lot of money flowing into rebuilding the economy and a potentially huge tax cut. The future trend will be higher." (Sean Christian, Personal Capitalist)

"Stay on the sidelines, 100 percent in money market funds. Our volatility index, which measures fear and panic, hasn't flashed a `buy' signal yet." (The Chartist)

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