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October 31, 2001|By SPECIAL TO THE SUN


The sitatunga, an antelope native to Africa, has feet that have adapted to walking on swampy grassland. Their feet, which are shaped like bananas, help them to move about swiftly on the soft, mushy ground and not sink!

what's for DINNER?

Sitatunga eat grass and leaves.

do you KNOW?

Do both male and female sitatunga have horns?

Answer: No, only male sitatunga have horns.

learn MORE!

Visit the sitatunga at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read My Visit to the Zoo by Aliki.


1. A sitatunga's predators include lions, wild dogs and leopards.

2. The sitatunga is brown with white stripes and spots, which helps it hide from predators among the tall grasses.

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