Police arrest man in parking incident at BWI terminal

October 31, 2001|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

A Forest Hill man was arrested yesterday after he refused to move his car from the road in front of Baltimore-Washington International Airport's upper level, Maryland Transportation Authority Police said.

Philip Karl Smith, 60, parked his vehicle in the middle of the road around 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning, obstructing traffic around the terminal as he unloaded his luggage, police said.

A police officer asked him "numerous times" to move his car to the curb, but Smith refused, said Cpl. Gregory Prioleau of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. Prioleau said Smith also refused to show his driver's license and registration.

A struggle ensued when officers tried to arrest Smith, Prioleau said, adding that three officers subdued Smith between the double doors to Concourse C, near the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

Smith was charged with obstructing traffic, second-degree assault, resisting arrest and willfully disobeying a reasonable and lawful order, Prioleau said. He was released on his own recognizance.

Evan Wilner, a Wilmington, Del., resident who was waiting for a flight to Chicago, said the incident alarmed some travelers.

"He wasn't moving. He was face down on the floor," said Wilner.

Prioleau said the officers' actions were necessary. Signs warning passengers not to leave vehicles unattended are posted throughout the airport.

"If he would have just moved his vehicle to the curb, unloaded, and continued on his way, it wouldn't have gone any further," Prioleau said.

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